Order Vs. Chaos

‘The Lincolnshire tunes vocal/sound montage is a mix of 4 pieces that all have links to our county. You will hear the famous ‘Lincolnshire Poacher, the ‘Dambusters Theme’, ‘The Sprig of Thyme’ (a Lincs folk tune) and a hymn tune by Gordon Slater, a former organist of Lincoln Cathedral, named ‘St Botolph’ to whom the famous Boston Stump Church is dedicated. As the melodies merge, order moves towards chaos’. – Chris Donleavy 

There are two mixes to listen to: one with the voices alone and one that is surrounded by a soundscape written by Jamie Pope that uses the keys of A flat and E flat major to match the vocal recordings. We suggest you listen to the ‘a capella’ version first.

Arranged by:

Christopher Donleavy

Performed by:

Grace Evans-Hendrick – Soprano

Gabriella Jephcott – Soprano

Amy Parkinson – Soprano

Georgia Owens – Soprano

Steph Pullen – Alto

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